SUITED is a biannual fashion and art publication with a singular mission in mind: to celebrate those who have found what they are well-suited for.

Principle UI/UX designer and front-end engineer for the premier launch of the online edition SUITED magazine. Created a customized CMS driven template design built on top of the SquareSpace developer platform. Collaborated one-on-one with the Creative Director & Editor-in-Chief to translate the print publication brand into a digital experience.
As a print publication, translating the SUITED experience online focused on designing a UI that highlights rich imagery and featured content. As content needed to be regularly updated, a custom CMS driven template was created on top of the SquareSpace developer platform.
Because SUITED's initial experience was their printed content, the site was designed to highlight previous issues and leverage site visits into opportunities for users to order hard copies.
SUITED magazine's aesthetic is minimal, black & white and high-end. The site was designed to emphasize the physical experience into a fashion and art focused digital site.
Mobile accessibility was of importance so users could experience the site across a variety of devices. The site was designed and developed mobile-first.
With the mobile device UX in mind, the mobile app version of the site prioritized the rich imagery and content to be viewed as easily on phones as desktops.

Product Design

UI/UX Design & Research

Front-end Development