Smarty unifies task management & calendar scheduling into one clean application. Powered by AI with a natural language processing interface, users can enter text to create tasks, events, scheduling links and more.

Principle product designer, creating the foundational core interface for Smarty's responsive desktop & mobile app, and Chrome extension. Working closely with the CEO and engineering team, created the foundational UI component library and app interfaces, synthesized user research & testing into a research-backed design system, as well as provided design strategy for the product roadmap & operated as a product manager. Smarty AI is still in active development.
Smarty is an AI-powered productivity tool, built on top of an NLP (natural language processing) and artificial intelligence engine. As Lead Product Designer synthesized user research into validated value propositions & created the initial design system for the app interface and strategized goals for the product roadmap.
Our target key personas were identified as executive assistants and agency professionals. From there we created user journey maps, persona profiles, as well as conducted rounds of user interviews & testing with interactive mockups to validate our value proposition. In our interviews we focused on how people organize & structure their schedule over the course of week, and what were their pain points & goals when planning out their objectives for their calendar.
After conducting rounds of user research and discovery, we summarized the product's strategy into a Jobs to Be Done statement: 'When I’m newly overwhelmed by an overflowing plate and the meetings/tasks keep coming, I want to easily track my workload (via smart visualization and automatic re-prioritization), so I can have mental clarity and confidence each day.' Additionally, market analysis was conducted to a create competitive feature matrix to analyze where there are market gaps & opportunities for users to have a better scheduling tool.
Based on our insights from user research & market analysis, and supported by an examination of existing systems & methodologies Smarty was built on top of a natural language processing interface, and the app UI was designed to let users build content through a purely textual interface. With the power of a `/` command to create Tasks, Notes, Events and Scheduling Links. To add contextual information when required users can simply type as they would in a physical notebook or planner, triggering natural language driven actions, such as `@tomorrow` or `@before end of week during working hours`, etc.
The UI was designed to help automate actions for users but still let them have discrete control with a clean minimal interface (inspired by the analog foundation of paper notebooks) but powered by NLP & AI to automate scheduling into free time blocks based on priority so users can focus on what's important. As well as support of third-party integrations so users can seamlessly integrate their existing workflows and content, without having to context switch between multiple applications.
Smarty handles task management and event scheduling for users with the AI powered auto-scheduling feature, allowing users to avoid conflicts and automate rescheduling of their most important tasks & events. Free times are auto-detected, and reminders go out automatically; with the app design streamlined to help users take the work out of managing their agenda, so they can focus on the activity at hand itself not scheduling it.
In addition to a rich text editor interface to organize & schedule, user can also visualize time blocking of their tasks & events with a robust calendar interface. Unified across the app by a global command menu, users can input tasks & events textually from both the list view interface as well as the calendar view; as well as leveraging the drag/drop interface of the calendar UI to re-order and reschedule their time blocks.

Product Design & Strategy

UI/UX Design & Research

Modular UI Component Library & Design System