Lumi helps e-commerce companies produce custom packaging and handle supply chain logistics, with the goal of making custom manufacturing more sustainable and as scalable as the web.

Product designer and developer of a modular UI component library to maintain cohesiveness across Lumi's various app user interfaces and visual design. Senior front-end engineer contributing to the migration of Lumi's web applications into a strongly-typed functional programming language, on top of a React framework.
Lumi provides services to users that are consumer brands in need of packaging, as well as packaging suppliers & manufacturers. To communicate to these multiple user demographics a marketing site was designed to provide tailored content to both buyers and suppliers.
Initial design focus was to standardize the app experience by establishing a modular UI component library for both the consumer brand-facing dashboard and the manufacturer-facing dashboard. For the buyer's app, users needed to be able to easily create & purchase any custom packaging needs.
Consumer brand users needed to be able to select and specify their packaging requirements and designs, so the app interface was designed to assist users in making informed decisions with high-density data about packaging products, flow into the cart & payment funnel, and view essential information about quantity & price.
To assist consumer brands in comparing across a marketplace of many manufacturers, an interface was created for displaying rich data regarding packaging specifications, quote comparisons and lead times.
From the manufacturer's perspective, they needed to be able to market themselves to prospective consumer brands. So an app UI to create unique manufacturer profiles with detailed information about their products & services and a scorecard rating was designed.
The manufacturer dashboard utilizes the same UI component library to standardize visual cohesiveness, but with a UX focus on the manufacturer's need to respond to consumer brand requests, providing quotes, feedback, and status updates.
A modular UI component library example for a responsive CardGrid component layout. By designing and utilizing a reusable modular component library & establishing a scalable design system, each app targeted for a specific user demographic maintained visual branding consistency and user experience.

Product Design

Modular UI Component Library & Design System

Front-end Development