A proposal for a new Willard Park Community Center (located in Berkeley, CA) inspired by the action word “emergence” and the concept of subtractive openness “to carve”— designed with the intention of creating a building that is an extension of the ground, and is carved open to external air and light.

Visual and architectural designer of a 3D spatial proposal in Rhino, as well as isometric and blueprint designs to communicate the vision for a reimagined community center in Willard Park. Using Photoshop, visuals were created to demonstrate how community members would experience the space.
The Willard Park proposal is an architectural exploration of how an existing public space could be utilized to better serve the community while respecting the natual landscape.
Designed to communicate a multi-dimensional exploration of how layered designs would operate cohesively. The foundational earthen mound informs the basis of the design. The building’s structure is extended from the topography and the interior courtyard carved out. The main body of the structure is surrounded by the mounded earth. The building is created by a balance between curvature and angular cuts.
Detailed layouts were created to show how users would utilize the space; providing public restrooms, office spaces for staff and community spaces for events and classes.
A top-level view of a green roof design integrated into the natural landscape that also provides additional usable space for community members to explore and use for recreational purposes.
The green roof design integrates into the natural landscape of the park and creates a seamless extension, the open-air corridor and rooms are made of planked concrete as an affordable and durable option that represents organic materials; with steel guard railings built along the walkable green roof around the courtyard for safety. And large glass windows allow external views into the interior, and provide light to all the rooms.
The courtyard plays with natural materiality: stone, wood, earthen supports for a vertical garden, as well as contain interior trees and small garden areas. The vertical gardens in the courtyard reinforce the connection of the structure as emergent from the earth.

Creative Direction

Visual Design

Architectural Design